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Indoorse brings your highly potential customers to your shop by showing them your best endorsed content generated by influencers and customers, which draws their eye and drives them to make a move.

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Why Bricks-and-mortar Retail Brands Engage Customers with Indoorse

Social amplification

Social Amplification

Indoorse’s unique approach of social amplification allows end customers to view your endorsed content generated by influencers and customers on a map. Their reach is a game-changer for extending the impact of your influencer/customers endorsements.

On journey engagement

On-journey Engagement

Retail brands care about both online and on-site customer engagement. However, what’s missed is literally in between, which we can provide, so-called on-journey engagement, covering your highly potential customers who are around your shop already to real paying customers.

Social amplification

Influencer Analysis

By tracking which influencers actually bring customers into the shop, we help retail brands to identify who are their best brand ambassadors. Next time they know how to allocate their marketing budgets better.

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How does Indoorse work?

We provide a powerful endorsed content engine where you can aggregate your influencer generated, customer generated, and branded content from Instagram, and link up the content with associated product info including store location, current stock levels in the shop, prices, etc.

We then send a notification of product recommendations to customers whey they are around your shop, with a map showing the route to yours. Yes, we bring customers to you with social media content that you have not made most out of it.

Social amplification

Target right
audience locally

Social amplification


Social amplification

Stock Levels

Social amplification


Influencer Reports that
Show the On-jounrey Impact

Spend your money on those who actually brought customers into your shop. By tracking the performance of the content, you know how you should allocate your marketing budgets in due course.

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